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Taking Cold Showers

What started off as a challenging 30 day experiment, ended up being one of the coolest and beneficial ways to start my day. The idea of a hot, relaxing shower has always been the best way for me to de-stress and rejuvenate at anytime of the day. Being a Pisces, I LOVE water and take advantage as much as possible, the opportunity to be surrounded and enveloped in it. Typically being cold natured and not even having my thermostat on, in the Houston summer sizzle over 78 degrees; I like to be comfortable ALL the time. Cold showers are everything but that. Not comfortable, not fun or least for the first few times.

But...taking daily cold showers is a simple lifestyle upgrade that provides a ton of health benefits.There are some unexpected health benefits to taking cold showers that may make you want to reconsider at least trying them out for a bit. Here are a few:

1.Boosts your immune system. Regular cold showers actually increased the number of white blood cells (which fight off diseases) in people compared to those who took warm showers.

2.Fights depression. When the cold water hits you, it feels like every nerve in your body is firing. All of these impulses at once act as a kind of reset for your brain, resulting in a mood-boosting effect.

3.Boosting self-discipline and will power. Things that used to bother you won’t bother you quite as much anymore. Building a habit of doing something uncomfortable translates into an ability to handle other uncomfortable situations—situations that make you grow.

4.Increased energy. You feel like you’re gasping for air—at least in the first few seconds. This deep breathing can actually jump-start your day by increasing your oxygen intake and heart rate dramatically. You’ll feel an energy boost that lasts for up to several hours after every shower.

Try least a few times. You can do it!

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