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- About The Brand -

Our Hair Care Philosophy

The black hair care market is one that has dealt in chemistry since its origination. Historically, many of the ingredients used in black hair care products have been found to be harmful, causing hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, headaches, and worse. Our motto is simple, natural ingredients are better for your hair and your body.


When you use a chemical-based product on your skin or hair, the chemical in that product enters your bloodstream and once it's there, it can build up over years of usage.  These chemicals can also play a role in what issues and diseases you may encounter or become prone to.


Natural Is Better And Safer


At Adenla, we help you stop the unhealthy relationship with your hair. You should nurture and cater to your hair’s needs which is why we developed natural hair care products which is designed to not only reverse past damaged to your hair, but also to renew your moisture levels, strength, and overall hair health.  We believe good hair is healthy hair. Surprisingly, healthy hair can be achieved by keeping hair product ingredients as natural and simple as possible. 


The world is ready and waiting on a line of fresh, natural, effective hair care. Adenla hair care products are formulated without harmful preservatives, parabens, or unnecessary products that are counter-productive to healthy hair.  Just as you want to feel comfortable about what you put into your body, you can feel as safe knowing that what you are putting onto your hair is going to nourish, restore and replenish your crown of glory. 

Ingredient Commitment

I became more aware and selective of the products I used on my hair and body the day I found I out I was expecting my first child. That pregnancy became the catalyst of my “earth mama” phase, where I began inspecting every label of body products, hair care, food and drinks. I wanted to give my child the best start possible and knew that not only was it probable, I would be fully accountable for my actions. I decided to get back to nature and make it a priority in my lifestyle, including hair and body care.


Becoming a skin care professional only exacerbated my affinity of label reading, as I became a walking cosmetic dictionary. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any black hair care products on the market that I was impressed with, ingredient wise. I always seemed to find a flaw…so I decided that the world was ready and waiting on my line of fresh, natural, effective hair care.

Studying nature and understanding how herbs and plants can prevent, cure and heal us from everything, it became my mission to share the abundance of healing that is literally growing in our backyards. Herbal medicines, household cleaning products, haircare and skincare are my passion and I am honored to be on this journey with you!

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