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Detoxing after Dental Work

As any health conscious person, I care deeply about what goes into my body and the effects that certain elements, drugs, chemicals will have on me in the long and short term. Taking care of my teeth is extremely important, and although I do a really good job, there are times when I need to have work done. While there are natural remedies to soothe toothaches or to help get rid of cavities, a trip to the dentist is sometimes necessary. If you have a serious problem with your teeth and need work done, try to seek out a dentist who practices under holistic dentistry or biological dentistry. If you are unable to find a dentist who practices holistic dentistry, then you are left with conventional dentists who will probably use harmful chemicals that will enter into your body, in order for you to have your teeth or tooth worked on.

There is no way that I can have any major procedure such as a filling done on a cavity without the usage of Novacaine. My pain tolerance is pretty admirable, but the cranial nerves are not to be played with. Novocaine or Novocain, also known as Procaine, is a local anesthetic drug that is used in medical and dental procedures like wisdom teeth removal and cavity fillings. Although, this anesthetic drug is considered safe for medical use, I know that it affects me in a few ways. Immediately after getting the injection, my heart started racing and I felt completely out of touch with my being. Although I did not prep prior to my treatment, I am working on getting my body back in balance after this assault of chemicals. If you are going to go to one of these dentists, you can take activated charcoal for the next couple days to draw out the chemicals. Eating and drinking cilantro helps to counteract mercury toxicity and chemicals in the body.

The after-effects of the anesthesia after the surgery go quickly in some hours but some people are unable to metabolize the anesthetic drug and experience serious side effects like dizziness, nausea, allergic actions. The ultimate idea of flushing out anesthesia is to make it detoxify in the liver and get it excreted by kidneys. Drinking a ton of water is pertinent. Not having enough fluids or water in your body can make elimination of toxins difficult resulting in some side effects. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is most often used for detox of anesthetics from the body as it prevents the depletion of natural antioxidants of the liver which are involved in detoxification. Turmeric is also very helpful, as it has a substance called curcumin which has detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties and enhances the liver function.

Take the best care of your teeth... and your body, mind and soul.

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