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Constant Protection

Living a healthy lifestyle can consist of so many modalities. Eating for the sake of proper nutrition fueling your body to it's optimal performance is one way. Thinking positive thoughts and being kind to others is another way to add to your arsenal of living in wellness. But without the grounding of a spiritual connection with God, there is no completion. Looking to build up our immune system for protection from external toxins requires intentional actions. Being intentional with how you cultivate your relationship with God is how you strengthen that ultimate source of protection. There is nothing more comforting in knowing that all is happening for your greater good. Having trust that although you have free will and control over your self, you are where you are because of a divine purpose; when you are walking in your purpose. The only way to walk in your purpose and have that secure wellness protection plan is to get out of your way and allow your gifts to shine.

Meditating is a wonderful way to cultivate that acknowledgement and praise, filling you up with goodness and calm that soothes you, like nothing else can. Quieting the mind and focusing on what you desire is a practice that adds to your wellness journey. Thoughts become emotions, emotions become actions, and actions can become habits; either detrimental or beneficial. Gardening has been a new way for me to connect and add to my building with God and allowing myself to be of great service. Your connection with the source within us all, whether you call it/he/she Allah, Oshun, Creator... it is all the same. The creator of everything that seeks love and compassion and for us to take care of each other, is in all of those who recognize it and practice the principals. Constant protection is what I have. It is the legacy that was passed down to me, and I pray that as I continue to strengthen my relationship with my Creator, that my children are inspired to find their own way as they see fit.

Constant protection has been my way of life and to think of all the perils that I have been protected from in just this first quarter of 2019 has been overwhelming. So many dodged bullets! Self reflection and engaging with intimacy with yourself opens up so much room for gratitude when you think of the daily situations that could have ended up very differently. From traffic opening up to allow you to escape an oncoming accident, going into your dream job that you have because you applied and decided to take a leap of faith, or finally making that decision to end that toxic relationship are what needs to be celebrated and graciously presented to the world as to what God is doing in your life. I have been devoted to my marathon, and coming up on the curve of this particular lap has given me the needed experiences to bring me closer to the God that lives in me. I am grateful for the most important part of my self care and intentionally living a healthy lifestyle. Mind, body and spirit. Spiritual connection provides you the ultimate protection on forces seen and unseen.

***Picture courtesy of my trek to the top of Pinnacle Peak in Little Rock, AR***

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