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Sun Salutations will Change your Life

Starting a yoga practice may seem like a daunting challenge, yet it can easily be implemented into your daily life if you desire. I have practiced on and off for over a decade and can absolutely attribute less anxiety, deeper peace and a stronger body to my movements and flow. A daily practice is a direct reflection of what is important to you and taking care of your mind, body and spirit can all be achieved through a yoga practice of sun salutations. It turns out, you don't have to commit to a full hour of yoga practice to reap its many benefits.

I have started a daily practice of just 5 sun salutations and with the 10 minutes that it takes to accomplish this task, I have noticed significant changes in the start of my day or the end, depending on when I decide to practice. I love how fluid my movements have become and how clear my thoughts are as I focus solely on my breath with each movement.

Self care is essential and the time you spend on taking care of yourself, tells the world a ton about your value system as everything else vibrates on the same frequency that you project. Are you ready?

Sun salutations have numerous benefits, listed below are just a few:

  1. Restores the nervous system

  2. Adds a healthy glow to your skin

  3. Strengthens the immune system

  4. Promotes healthy lungs

  5. Strengthens muscles and joints

  6. Stimulates the digestive system

  7. Helps with insomnia

  8. Reduces fat on the body

  9. Ensures regular menstrual cycle

  10. Brings down blood sugar levels

  11. Improves kidney function

  12. Oxygenates your blood and aids in detoxification

  13. Encourages proper posture

  14. Clears your mind of jumbled thoughts

  15. Correcting posture and improves balance

  16. Centers your energy

  17. Prepares you for the day/night

  18. Sexy body

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