December Decisions

This time of the year is an absolute time of reflection, as the holidays near and we round out the ending of another year of life. Each day is an opportunity to make new decisions resulting in new results. As we end this decade out and enter into 2020, I have decided to make a few decisions that will not only benefit my life, but all those around me as well. We are all so very connected and the better my soul feels, the better my interactions with the universe will be.

  • I have decided to be intentionally grateful and look for more things to be grateful for, everyday.

  • I have decided to contribute more than I criticize.

  • I have decided to love more than ever, as it is the only thing that really matters in the end.

  • I have decided to relinquish the need for controlling things that are not meant to be controlled by me.

  • I have decided to CREATE something every day.

  • I have decided to seek win-win situations and foster them if not present.

  • I have decided to take responsibility for my emotions and not explain as much, to those who don't matter.

My actions have been the work, and I choose to make it count! What you affirm, is what you think, what you think is how you act, and how you act determines how the world responds to you.

Real decisions are measured by the fact that you have taken a new action. Without action there is no true decision. -Tony Robbins

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