June Affirmations

The work of self is an ongoing journey that is filled with surprises and twists. One thing that I have known to work well and have been constantly reminded of are affirmations. How do you speak to yourself? Is your voice critical, judgmental, loving, nurturing? Do the words you speak to yourself out loud or internally bring life to your situations or death? As the power of the tongue guides our relationships with others, it has direct dominion over our own lives. Anytime you say I am, your body resonates at a cellular level with the words after. Speaking positively and kindly to your self is an act of self love that affects all that you come in contact with. When you really love yourself, you are able to better love humanity.

This month has been a jumpstart to living more purposefully and intentionally. I speak affirmations often and hope that if you do not, that you will start soon. It works wonders!

I am growing

I am healing

I am kind

I am wise

I am thoughtful

I am creative

I am love

I am healthy

I am peaceful

I am rested

I am living

I am.

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