Happy Birthday, Sonshine!

***Press play to listen to the song while reading***

On this day 18 years ago, around 4:40pm in a small town hospital in Indiana, Sien Tyler Johnson entered into this realm and completely change my world in the process. Full term, coming in at 7lbs and 14oz and 21 inches long, this big boy, chose me and came through me. The honor and privilege of being his mother has transformed who I am and will continue to do so. The moment I found out I was expecting, there was a sudden shift that needed to happen and boy did it! All I could think about was the life that I wanted to create for him and hadn't put much thought in the life that he would be creating for me. My fearless, generous, self-involved and optimistic Aries has been the sweet balm in a sometimes chaotic environment. His gentle, quiet spirit filled with held emotions is warm and inviting to all that he comes in contact with, and I love that about him. Never meeting a stranger and having the ability to hold a conversation with anyone about his varied bits of information that swim in his head. His courage to always be himself and confidence in who he is becoming makes me proud to witness. Tethering for the last 18 years, while learning to let go at the same time has been a journey of sunshine with a few lightning bolts. So fitting that I woke up with this amazing song stuck in my head for the last several days. A love like no other, he will always be. Thank you for choosing me...Happy Birthday!

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