Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, Fathers, Uncles who fill in, God-Dads, Paw-Paws and Step-Dads.This is my love letter to all the beautiful men being great father's to their children. There is no greater love than that of your parents as it sets the standard and tone of the love for yourself and the love you expect from others. A father's role is to provide security and certainty in this crazy world that we are live in. A childs self esteem is highly impacted by a Father's direction and care. The investment that I have been able to witness from so many of my friends that are doting Fathers, has made my heart sing as I know the direct effect, that is not just love, but the actions of involvement, the sacrifices and examples of greatness will have on the lives of their children's children. This mindset of generational benefit is ever present in the unselfishness of loving fathers as they carve out safety and comfort for themselves with the ideas of making the lives of their children the same. Thank you to the Fathers who are loving, guiding, protecting, and teaching their seeds how to mentally, physically and spiritually maneuver through this life. You are needed and appreciated and your good works are never in vain.

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