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Men's Skin Care

I have come across so many men who simply think that basic skincare is not needed, or it will take up too much time. A simple skincare routine for men is essential. If you’re a minimalist with your grooming products, or if you’re wondering which products are mandatory for a blemish-free face, then take note: There are really only three key steps needed in any men's skincare regimen.

1. Cleanse twice daily

When you wash your face, you remove the dirt, grime, and excess oil that has settled inside your pores and on your skin as you have gone through your entire day. This will prevent clogged pores, breakouts, and will greatly minimize shine. You can use a facial soap bar, honey, oil, a creamy clay or foaming cleanser specifically designed for your skin type. But please don't use something that is too harsh for your skin, you do not want to disrupt the natural protective barrier of your skin.

2. Exfoliate twice weekly

After you cleanse, you should scrub away any dead skin cells that would clog pores and otherwise lead to breakouts. Exfoliation allows the healthier skin cells to live on the surface of the skin, giving you a fresh bright complexion while also minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. You should only exfoliate twice a week, to avoid too much abrasion. This step is extremely important to those who shave frequently, especially my curly haired men. Shaving becomes a breeze when you exfoliate first, lifting those dry flaky bits and creating the perfect foundation for a super close, smooth, ingrown free shave.

3. Moisturize twice daily

Once you’ve cleansed and buffed the skin, it’s time to hydrate and protect your face. Typically, the final product in the standard three-step regimen is moisturizer. It delivers soothing vitamins, moisture and nutrients to the skin, while also creating a barrier to the skin to shield you from complexion-compromising toxins. Apply every time you cleanse. Applying in the morning, helps your skin recover from lost moisture during sleep, and before bed to maximize the potency of the skin-strengthening nutrients while your body’s cells regenerate.

If you are not sure what to use or how to get started on your skincare journey, let me guide you on the path to your best skin ever.

I offer consultations, customized skin care products, in addition to personalized plant based facial treatments.

Are you ready?

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