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It's ALL in the Breath

 As I type this entry out,  I am trying to also sort out the many tasks and duties that must be done for work, personal growth, children's schedules and extracurricular's. In this busy world of our comings and doings, there can often times be overwhelmed by feelings that can be subsided enormously by deeply and intentionally breathing. We are all so busy and it seems as if taking time out to meditate can leave you with no time for the long list that awaits you.  I have read so many statements regarding taking the time to meditate that are funny and poignant. If you are too busy to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day then you should meditate for 2 hours, is hilarious yet true. The laughable concept of spending more time on something that you barely have time for to begin with, is actually brilliant. I love it, and it rings home to me each time I think of it.

The things that you think you have the least time to do are often the practices that you should spend the most time on.

Slowing down and focusing on your source is the best way to spend time breathing, and we all have time to least I hope so.  Peace and rest are my daily goals that reflect in the way I interact with others and how I interact with myself. Making myself a priority has never been an issue, yet the conflicts that arise when I feel as my finite time and energy and being used resentfully is a struggle.

I love the feeling of coming out of a transcending meditative state and knowing that this simple and natural technique will always lead me to inner peace and rest. I believe that meditation is a tool that everyone needs in their kit for radical self-care and when practiced regularly can only be strengthened as it's benefits for you are as well. There are dozens of scientifically backed benefits of meditation and if you are only able to reap one, the stress relieving aspect is key!

Here are some of my favorite benefits of meditation:

1. Meditation improves your focus, attention, and ability to work under stress. Stress is dramatically reduced with mindfulness meditation.

2. Meditation gives you mental strength, resilience and emotional intelligence. The discipline associated with a daily practice is evident in the way a person speaks and handles others. The warmth in their voice and the kindness in their spirit is real.

3. Meditation relieves pain better than morphine.

4. Meditation prevents you from falling in the trap of multitasking too often. Slowing down is the key to inner peace and mindful meditation fosters that path.

5. Mindfulness meditation fosters creativity. When I give myself the time to relax and restore, so many new ideas are allowed to grow and I am often given a boost of energy to complete the tasks ahead to 

6. Meditation affects genes that control stress and immunity. Meditation can act as a placebo. A placebo is when a patient thinks they are getting treatment when they are really experiencing an improvement in health by thinking alone. We are releasing the very chemicals we need when we feel enlightened.

7. Mindfulness training decreases inflammatory disorders. Inflammation is the source of most discomfort and diseases. Stop it in it's tracks!

8. Meditation increases feelings of compassion and decreases worry. When I meditate, I feel more loving towards myself, which always in turns allows me to be more loving towards the world.

9. Meditation reduces blood pressure. Having a strong family history of cardiovascular disease, I have always been aware of the predisposition of disease and worked hard at reversing and transforming my cells with my diet, thoughts and exercise. So many family historical disorders are actually more lifestyle than hereditary and can be altered tremendously.

10. Meditation leads to healthy skin and hair. You always look great when you are regularly practicing methods of self care.

The increased peace and instant rejuvenation that occurs is noticeable and worth a try!

Take the time to breathe...

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