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The act of gratitude is one that is revered in some countries higher than love. To be thankful for what you have is a service that we give to the one whom we are thankful for and for whom has given all. The attitude of gratitude is a humbling yet necessary space to exist, so that one can fully embody the present. I have learned so much in the last 3 years in the realm of gratitude that I understand how amazing it is to be alive and loved. I started a daily gratitude jar that is filled to the brim with tangible reminders, tokens, gifts cards, notes of notice and other mementos of events, people or things I am grateful for. That reminder of wanting to have something at the end of the year to go through and recollect has been exciting and rewarding as I worked on mindfulness each day. With just a handful of days left to this year, I am looking forward to going back to the great times, yet with a childlike excitement towards the future.

Practicing yoga daily is a great way to garner gratitude for the most important person in your life, YOU! Taking the time every day to intentionally move your body, stretch your muscles and connect with yourself and God, is a life changer in all senses. The feeling of honoring your body, mind and spirit is one the best moving meditations that I know. Breathing is something that can be taken for granted as it is such an automatic function that it can be easily overlooked, until there is a struggle that reminds you of how comfortable it is to not. Being aware of your breath, whether while practicing yoga or washing your hair is another great way to practice gratitude for yourself as the slowing, soothing down of your emotions and thoughts are all connected to the breath.

Gratitude for the people who choose to be in your life is the gift that keeps on giving. Anytime someone feels appreciated they are more willing and able to be there best truest self. The gift of friendship, companionship, family is one that is to be herald with the love of community. We all are going our own separate paths of purpose and to be allowed entry into someones life or for you to accept for someone in your life is to be appreciated. Knowing that no one has to be here or do anything helps me to appreciate things that I normally would expect as a sense of entitlement that in the past was so arrogantly displayed. I am thankful for the awareness of being grateful and all of the delicious changes that have occurred from appreciating what is in my line of vision, hands, heart and mind. 

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