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Childhood Joys

The things that I enjoyed the most as a kid are the things that I still like doing and bring so much joy. Growing up I lived outside; from playing ALL day, running and laughing, to constantly making jewelry and buttons or sewing clothes, riding bikes and roller skating. Breaking bones and scraping knees was a constant, yet the healing of planting flower seeds and nurturing them was a great balancer. What I did as a child was pleasurable and fulfilling to me and those same things are what bring me joy today. I love to feel the sun on my face while outside in my garden. I love walking around barefoot connecting to the Earth practicing yoga or looking out for butterflies. I love making waist beads, and learning how to copper wrap stones and crystals. I love watching and nurturing my plants and flowers, as well as eating the food that comes from my garden. I fondly remember spending time with my grandad as a young child and him regularly going to his garden, harvesting his produce and biting into a juicy tomato that he grew. I love to dance and sing and to make people laugh. I love learning to play a new instrument and actually producing sounds that feel good to me and others. I love to exert physical energy daily in a way that is fun and feels good. The joys of being a kid and simply being who you truly are, is a blessing that does not have to end once you grow up. The things that you enjoy doing as a kid may not be on your to do list, but take some time to reflect on what and who you were then compare to now and make adjustments if necessary. Do what feels good as much as possible.

That inner child is still there and waiting for recognition.

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