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Being Still

Being still is something that I hardly EVER do. Even when I am sleeping I am moving from one side of the bed to the next. For numerous reasons I felt like I need to always be in motion, and that had become my coping mechanism, until recently discovering the need for another option. I needed to sit down and chill...literally. Constantly spinning my wheels was exhausting and not as productive as I had hoped it would be. The art of truly being still and listening to what your mind, body and spirit are trying to tell you is one that should be appreciated and cultivated.

There are times in our lives when you must be actively seeking, doing, trying something or someone, and there are times when being still is required. There is a time for everything under the sun, and knowing the right way to spend your time is pertinent to growth as well as decline. The constant ebb and flow of consciousness allows for a delicious rhythm that may not seem to make sense, but it always does. The necessity to make things be, can exhaust you and those around you when you are not in balance and your energy is not fulfilling.

The act of being still is one that will completely change your life, when you allow it. Being still is not doing nothing. It is simply taking the time to listen to your self and the awareness of who you really area and what you are creating in this realm. Within silence is where all the answers are. The act of knowing and understanding is deepened when you do not intentionally distract or allow yourself to be distracted. We have all that we need inside of us and sometimes it is simply the remembrance along with conjuring and listening to the source within to guide. All that we need is inside and when we are so busy moving, and doing the hearing that is necessary does not take place.

Spirit can be heard best in stillness and silence.

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