Mango Oyin Cream (8oz jar) Ingredients: Mango butter, shea butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, mango and grapefruit fragrance oils

Nourishing, Saturation, Protection, Moisture Sealer?
It's All Here.  

Mango Oyin Cream

Mangoro Oyin-(mango honey) cream

Mango Oyin Cream is your saving grace for silky, saturated, dewy locs. When dealing with naturally curly hair, moisture retention is crucial. Moisture in the hair is what separates desirable from undesirable hair.


The environment does so much to rob our hair of its natural moisture barrier, UV rays wreak havoc and chemicals in our water sources aid in the depletion of what is essential to the health and beauty of our hair.


Let your coils shine! You will be amazed at the texture and Mango Oyin Cream's ability to provide instant results to your starving tresses.


Naturally enriched with Vitamins to lock in moisture and protect hair from environmental elements.


How To Use Mango Oyin Cream

Use this as a final step each time, after cleansing your hair in order to heal, replenish and revitalize the necessary moisture levels needed for beautiful hair.

Always apply after using Elixir while hair is damp to provide a protective, yet penetrable, seal of hydration.

Moisture Seal is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. 



“My hair is softer and not as many tangles. The Elixir oil & Mango Oyin cream has kept my hair super moisturized”

-Monica P.


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