Banana Milk Moisture Mist (8 oz bottle) Ingredients: Coconut milk, aloe vera juice, seabuckthorn oil, grapeseed oil, essential oils of lavender and banana.

Healing, Replenishing, Detangling, Moisture Retention?
It's All Here.  

Banana Milk Moisture Mist

Ogede Miliiki (banana milk)


Finally... a hydrating mist designed for dehydrated curls and coils. Moisture Mist by Adenla enhances shine, eliminates frizz and helps to prevent hair loss. 


Naturally enriched with Vitamins B3, B5, C, and E. Mineral packed with iron, selenium and magnesium to support hair strength and hair growth.


How To Use Banana Milk Moisture Mist

When your hair is looking parched or needs a refreshing pick me up… spray as necessary. Banana Milk Moisture Mist is especially nourishing to freshly cleansed hair as a leave-in conditioner. It also works great as a re-wetting agent when needed and as a styling aid.


THE leave in conditioner that you can trust to perform every time.


Banana Milk Moisture Mist is completely natural and fresh, so refrigeration is advised between uses to ensure maximum freshness and stability.


“My hair is softer and not as many tangles. The Elixir oil & Mango Oyin cream has kept my hair super moisturized”

-Monica P.


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