Client Testimonials

"I love products that are all natural!" - N.W.

For a long time, my hair has felt unhealthy due to the gels and other styling products I had been using to style my curls, but after using Adenla's Banana Milk Moisture Mist I have fallen back in love with the texture of my hair, as using natural products really makes a difference!

"I am more and more in love with my hair." - S.S

" I have been using Adenla's products for over a year after stumbling on the booth at a local marketplace. Since then my hair has been in love and I am more and more in love with my hair!!! I use the total LOC system on my locs, and while most people think that the system is more for natural hair, it has worked wonders on my locs. Plus it's natural and smells wonderful. The crown that wear Adenla, whether in a TWA, a fro, or locs is a blessed crown!!! I'm pleased to say, I'M BLESSED.

"I love the banana smell!"
- C.P.

I spray the Banana Milk Moisture Mist in my hair daily to refresh my curls. My daughter and I both use it, yet a little goes a long way. I really love the banana scent as it reminds me of my childhood. It smells like banana candy!

"Adenla is the truth! Get it, try it, love it naturally!" - J.S. 

Now, I am not a paid spokesperson, nor even a big cosmetic user, however, I have had psoriasis my entire life and have suffered with dry, flaky and cracking skin. But Adenla is the truth. I have tried EVERY cream, ointment, concoction, natural recipe known on the market, BUT I will testify to the heavens of it's miracle working power. It is all natural. No sticky over greasy mess. Super alpha-hydroxy moisture. I used the Mango magic on my forearms and it completely made my lesions and scars disappear.


“My hair is softer and not as many tangles. The Elixir oil & Mango Oyin cream has kept my hair super moisturized”

-Monica P.


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