Natural Is Knowing


Healthy hair can be achieved by keeping things as simple as possible.

From The Inventor Of Adenla Products

I decided to stop an unhealthy relationship with my hair. I wanted to nurture and cater to my hair’s needs and by doing so I developed what later became, Adenla.


I can always remember hair being a major focus in my life, from those early days of

pressing it out in Mrs. Robinson’s kitchen to my Aunt Debbie applying my first no-lye

relaxer (Pressing Comb in a Jar). I always wanted my hair to look good and the maintenance required was ongoing, and  sometimes painful and damaging. I remember the hours spent blow-drying, flat ironing and the stench of scorched hair.


Growing hair wasn't an issue but the effects of the chemicals, detergents, styling aids and fixatives had wreaked havoc on my hair. Was all that necessary in order to look

presentable? Was my internal health and the stability of my hair worth the trauma

and damage I was causing, all for the sake of beauty?


I became more aware and selective of the products I used on my hair and body the day I found I out I was expecting my first child. That pregnancy became the catalyst of my “earth mama” phase, where I began inspecting every label of body products, hair

care, food and drinks. I wanted to give my child the best start possible and knew

that not only was it probable, I would be fully accountable for my actions. I decided

to get back to nature and make it a priority in my lifestyle, including hair and body care.


Becoming a skin care professional only exacerbated my affinity of label reading,

as I became a walking cosmetic dictionary.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any black hair care products on the market that I was impressed with, ingredient wise. I always seemed to find a flaw…so I decided that the world was ready and waiting on my line of fresh, natural, effective hair care.


Adenla products are formulated without any preservatives, parabens, or unnecessary products that are counterproductive to healthy hair. Just as you want to feel comfortable about what you put into your body, you can feel as safe knowing that what you are putting onto your hair is going to nourish, restore and replenish your crown of glory.


-Amber Johnson

Amber Johnson

(front center)

Inventor of Adenla Products 


"I became more aware and selective of the products I used on my hair and body the day I found out I was expecting my first child."